Romanticizing Spring; How I Prepare for Spring

Romanticizing Spring; How I Prepare for Spring

I'm so excited for spring this year! The moment the temperature hit 60 degrees, my brain went full spring mode (one reason I love New Mexico is that spring comes early here) It’s the end of February when I am writing this, and the sun is shining, people are putting their thick jackets away, and I am positive I saw the trees starting to sprout. (is it called sprouting for trees?)

The excitement brought about this desire to do all of the springy things. The vibes are flowing, and I wanted to share with you all how I am going to romanticize spring this year. We do have some things that aren't all that great about spring here, especially the wind/sandstorms, but that is not going to stop me from enjoying spring this year. 

I have already done some things on this list (I just couldn't wait for spring to start), but they are on the list, to help you romanticize spring as well!

Here are the things I am doing to Romanticize Spring this year.

1. Spring Decor

My first thought was to get rid of all of my winter decor and add bright pastel colors. The dark colors of winter that were all over my home were completely clashing with the spring vibes I was getting from the warm weather.  In one weekend, I shopped for all the things I needed to make my home springy, thank you Hobby Lobby, and I put away all of my old decor and put everything new up.

I got fake flowers, fairy lights, and a few vases, thankfully, I will be able to use all this for many years to come. Also, I changed my bedding to a bright-colored comforter, though I still have the thick blankets underneath because it's still a bit cold. :D

2. Spring Cleaning List

I have been quite lazy this winter and my house shows it. There are so many things I need to clean right now. So, I made a list and I will admit that I might have taken some ideas from Pinterest. The main things that are in desperate need of cleaning are these... 

  • Bathrooms (Clean and Declutter)
  • Deep Clean Kitchen and Declutter
  • Declutter Closets
  • Sweep and Mop
  • Dust Everything
  • Clean Car (In and Out) 
  • Windows
  • Deep Clean Refrigerators, Microwave, Pantry, and anything else that gets neglected. 

That's what I have so far, we'll see what else I'll end up adding to the list. Spring cleaning is always a mood that I love, so I am thoroughly going to enjoy cleaning this spring.

3. New Hair Cut

I seriously needed a haircut. But as always I am extremely lazy and stingy to get it done. So in my mind (my crazy mind), I thought it would be a good idea to actually cut my own hair. I didn’t want anything too crazy, just a trim and more layers. So, I bought a kit, watched some YouTube videos, and on one faithful night, I decided to do it. If I hadn’t done it at that moment, I wouldn’t do it at all.

It was 11 p.m., and I spent the next 3 hours cutting my hair. I second-guessed myself at every cut, regretting my decision, but shockingly enough, it came out okay. Not amazing. And I know certain sections are too short or not exactly how I would want them, but not bad at all. 

Overall, I’m okay with how it looks. 

4. Prepping Travel Plans

The end of winter, the beginning of spring is when I really begin to start thinking about taking vacations. Maybe it's the extra energy I have, but I just want to go explore somewhere new. I will start looking for flights, booking hotels/Airbnb, and finding things to do! There are so many places I want to visit that I am having trouble figuring out which one I want to go to this year. I think the budget is going to decide for me though. :)

5. Pastels and Bright Colors Galore

This past winter, I have been trying to find my colors. You know those videos on TikTok that show you which colors match your skin tone, eyes, and hair. Well, apparently, I am a bright winter. Who knew? Well, I didn’t get that professionally done. I am basing this mostly on what I get complimented on wearing and trying a bunch of different colors.

So, how am I going to mix winter with spring?

Thankfully, I noticed bright pastel colors look great on me. I can't do any of the pale colors. I would be washed out immediately. And now my whole life is full of bright colors! Or at least my spring! I have a few pieces of clothes that I bought in that color scheme, but mostly I need to declutter the ones that do not look good on me.

6. Bring Spring Indoors

My father is really good at this, he has the greenest thumb out of all of us. He is the one who brings all of the plants and flowers into our home and he even has a garden outside. I, on the other hand, have almost no green thumb, so I let him do all of it. I will admit I love having all the plants inside. 

What I do try to do is buy flowers and make bouquets out of them. Trader Joes has possibly some of the best flowers in the market. Super pretty and perfect for spring!

7. Spring Drinks 

I am a big tea drinker, but having hot tea in spring and summer is a no-go. But I hate making single-ice tea drinks. So, what I normally do is I make a full pitcher of tea. I plop it in the fridge so that everyone can enjoy. I just do green tea, because I love it, but I am considering trying a few different kinds of tea this year. Perhaps some lavender tea mixed with lemonade. Or I have this new Butterfly tea that is good hot, that I could definitely make it into ice tea. 

8. Spring Bucket List

All the spring things to do will be open soon! I’m super excited and have made a list of things to do this spring. I prefer to do these all with a friend or two, but more than likely I will do some on my own, which I don't mind at all. 

  • Walk Old Town
  • Visit Botanical Gardens/Bio Parks
  • Shop for Flowers
  • Farmer's Market
  • Start Taking Walks
  • Bike Ride (This is ambitious)

Overall sounds like a fun time to me. I'm super excited to do all of these, and I am sure I am missing a few hundred things to do, but this girl has a job, so I don't want to add too much to my plate.


9. Trying New Things

Going along with the new hair, I am definitely trying a few new things that could fit in this mini section of this post. I always feel like spring is a great time to try new things or start something new (Funny enough, when it’s something big, I decide at the most random times).

But a few new things I want to try are:

  • New Class; I’m stuck between a fitness class and shooting
  • Running (I’ve done it before, but it’s been a while)
  • Learn a New Language

I don’t want to try too much at once. I may end up doing just one of these. But, hopefully, at least one. 

10. Open Windows

I’m the girl who opens her windows no matter what season it is. (Yup, even winter). So, imagine my joy that now I can open my windows without the fear of getting pneumonia. Now they can stay open all day! The fresh air can come in, and the house won’t seem so stuffy anymore! I’m so excited for this! (As you can tell):D


Spring is my second favorite season, and the planner in me just wants to plan all of the little things that I want to do this season. So, I thought I would share it with you all and maybe you'll get some inspiration on what to do this spring. Let me know what you are all doing this spring.

P.S. Shop some of these spring tees to get you into the mood of spring even though it still may be snowing on your side of the world. 


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