How I Romanticize Summer (Anyone Can Do It!)

How I Romanticize Summer (Anyone Can Do It!)

Summer is so close! I can feel it. It's scaring me slowly with its mini pop-ups of heat. Summer here in New Mexico is pretty hot. We are not as bad as Arizona (Thank the Lord), but still, we can get to 100+ degrees around 5 p.m. on any given day. Plus, the added fact that rain doesn't come in until July when it's monsoon season. Let's just say I am not looking forward to the heat. It has its pros and cons for sure, but it can be overwhelming. 

So, I am going to romanticize summer this year! Or at least try to. I have made my list, Google and Pinterest have been my inspiration, and I am ready to tackle the summer weather with an open mind. These are super simple things that I believe anyone can do, wherever they are living. 

Of course! As is my wont, I have broken up my list into an easy and quick guide to my summer romanticizing plans. 

Let me tell you what I am going to do!


Home is where the heart is, and that is where I will start. I love for my home to be super cozy, fresh, and reflective of the season to come. To be able to accommodate our needs. So, there are a few decorative ideas and healthy ones as well.  

1. Green Everywhere

I love the color green! And when it's from leaves and trees even better. I am the one who wants plants everywhere. Hanging from the ceiling, in each nook and corner, and mini plants on the window sill. The only problem is I do not have a green thumb. 

I believe I mentioned this in my Spring Romanticizing post. Thankfully, some people in my life are making up for that and I am learning slowly how to keep a plant alive. It's harder than it looks. :D 


2. Sun Light All Day

I want curtains and windows open all day! The windows do have screens, so bugs won't get inside. Bugs are for sure one downside to summer. Ewww! But natural light is so pretty and wakes us up in the morning.

I will keep them open until the night sets in when people can see inside. Something I wish to avoid. Sun is my friend here in New Mexico, where we get so much of it, and I want to enjoy it as much as I can.


3. Flowers

Flowers are a must during spring and summer. They just make me smile whenever I see them. So, I keep some in our home as much as I can. Thankfully we have rose bushes in our front yard, and wow they are blooming right now, but I prefer them inside.

Trader Joes’ is where I normally buy my flowers.


4. Eucalyptus in Shower

Trader Joes' is one of the best grocery stores. I buy Eucalyptus there as well. Hopping on to the trend where you just hang it from the shower head. When you shower it smells great. Plus, they say it's good for you as well. I am not sure about that, but I definitely love the scent. It’s fresh and calming. 


5. Keep It Cozy 

Keeping life cozy is essential for me. Again it makes me happy. But for summer, I feel it's a bit different since blankets and a warm fire are out of the question. So, I decided to do more pillows, twinkle lights (soft white), and candles. Giving off the comfy vibes without burning us up. :D


Calming Activities

I believe in enjoying summer and taking it calmly with not too much to do. Funny enough I do more of my traveling in spring and fall, the off-season so it’s not too expensive. So, summer is more relaxing at home than running off on an adventure. 

These are things I look forward to in the summer to relax. 


1. Watch a Rain Shower

When in New Mexico, rain can be rare. Once in a while, you won't see it at all, and when you do it comes in spans of 5-10 minutes. Then the sun is out and it's all over. So, watching the rain is one of my favorite things to do. I go outside the moment I hear it, and just enjoy the pitter-patter and smell of rain. It is quite beautiful when it comes down. Plus the trees and plants seem to enjoy it just as much as I do. 


2. Afternoon Naps

I do not normally nap. If I nap in the afternoon, I will be wide awake at night. That's not great during the busy season of my life. So, in the summer I tend to be a bit lenient because I can go to bed later at night and it's not a terrible thing. Afternoon naps do feel so great and relaxing. It's definitely worth enjoying.


3. Watch A Sunrise/Sunset

This one seems obvious, but our sunsets are spectacular. since we have mountains close to our city. When the sun sets, the mountains turn purple, pink, and then slowly into a deep blue. It's truly a spectacular sight. Sun rises aren't that dramatic, but beautiful nonetheless. 


4. People Watch at Coffee Shop

Make sure you take a book or something to do, so it's not too weird. But sometimes it can be fun. Perhaps bring a friend along and enjoy each other's company. I may be a bit obsessed with coffee shops, but I find them so cozy and enjoyable. Their drinks are fantastic though, plus recently a friend introduced me to a tea bar where they serve nonalcoholic cocktails and anything else. Super cute place!


5. Coloring!

This was a shocking discovery, because I love the idea of coloring, but never actually colored anything. But one day a student came in and told me about this app he uses to color with once in a while. It's called Sketch! I just copy and paste coloring pages from Google and start coloring them in. It's quite calming after a long day at work, and it eases my mind for a bit. I just put a movie or music in the background. I am zen. 

You do need a tablet and pencil to use this app. I’m not sure if there is a phone version of this.


I am always trying to improve myself in some way, shape, or form. These seem pretty basic so I don't overwhelm the summer with too many things to do. I would like to enjoy it a bit. 

1. Summer Reading

Always excited for this one! I am currently making my summer reading list. It will be full of romance, self-growth, and sci-fi books. We'll see which books I add. I always make a new list every season, and summer seems like a romantic and growing period of life. Don’t you think? 

So my books reflect that feeling of summer. Science fiction doesn’t fit into any season, in my opinion, so I just lump it into summer. 


2. Going Outside

However, I may be a big believer in going outside no matter what the temperature is like outside. Of course, in the summer it's so much better to go outside when it's sunny and warm. 

I spend a decent amount of time inside working, cleaning, and sleeping.  Hopefully, I am going to try to be outside more than normal. Well, at least go for walks, picnics, and bio parks. 


3. Workout Regime

I tend to do more pilates and weights, so I am thinking of trying running. See how that goes for the summer. All I need are good shoes and no actual equipment. Just go outside and run. The only downside is that I am going to have to get up early. Later on in the day, it would be too hot to enjoy running at all. 

But, I have a feeling I might try a class of sorts if the running doesn't work out.


4. Wake Up Early

Tying back to running. If I have a reason to wake up early, it will be easier to get up in the morning. Summer mornings are so fresh and nice to be awake before the rest of the world. So waking up early is on my bucket list, at least my room isn't cold and I don't have the overwhelming desire to stay in bed. It's just slightly less than overwhelming. Perhaps just a bit of longing for my bed.  


5. Break from Electronics

In the summer there are just so many things to do, that I can't possibly waste 3 hours scrolling on TikTok. Right? So, more ‘no social media’ days will need to be added to my calendar. Or perhaps even a week. That way, I can do things I want during the summer instead of feeling like I have no time, which in reality is just me wasting my time on social media. 


What would I be doing if I wasn't excited about certain things I can wear and use? I believe every girl has their summer favorites and couldn't live without products. I'll just give you the main products I have in mind for the season.


1. Summer Dresses


I will always love a pretty summer dress! It can be either casual or dressed up and looks great either way. Easier to style and fun to twirl in. Well, some of them. I already own a decent amount of summer dresses, but I am looking to purchase a few more for this new season.


2. Sun Screen

Sunscreen is, of course, essential to any summer bag. I carry sunscreen everywhere I go and try to reapply at least once a day. Though sometimes that doesn't happen. It's a work in progress.

 I use Neutrogena Ultra Sheer  Sunscreen Lotion after I do my morning skincare routine. Then throughout the day, I use Shiseido Clear Sunscreen Stick SPF 50+  which doesn't make me break out more or make my skin oily. These are a MUST for summer!


3. Vitamin C

This is one I want to add to my skincare routine. I see a dermatologist for my skin, and she says I should add Vitamin C, now that my skin has been clear for a while. Plus, with all the sun apparently, it's good with that. So, the one I am going to purchase is La Roche-Posay Pure Vitamin C Face Serum.  

This is the one my doctor recommended for a budget-friendly price. It's $45 on Amazon, which for me is still a bit expensive, but when she showed me the $200 version of vitamin C, then I went for it. Vitamin C is prone to going bad, so be careful which one you buy. 


4. Tank Tops

Of course, tank tops are a favorite of mine. I tend to wear them with a jean jacket on top because my office for some reason loves to be freezing in the summer. So, I wear the tank under the jacket and it's perfect!  Here are some of my favorites.


5. Hats 

I am not much of a hat person. Only if I am going to a park or the zoo then I decide to wear the hat. Why? Well, the sun is bright and it does make it easier to be outside for longer periods of time. My dermatologist says I should wear them whenever I am outside, but they are really not my thing. So only on the long days that I am outside will I wear one. I am more of a cap girly too. So, these are the ones I want/own. 


Food & Drinks

Who would I be if I didn't talk about food? I am such a food lover, so here are some things I am looking forward to in the summer, food-wise.

1. New Favorite Drink

I love trying out new drinks at coffee shops. Iced coffee is a favorite of mine, but I am curious about what every coffee shop is coming out with. Lavender is a favorite of mine, but perhaps with a twist. I don't know, I just love drinking them. 

I don't believe the coffee shop I frequent has come out with its summer drinks yet. There is still much to look forward to! 


2. Add Fruit to Water

I normally add lemon to my water. It's great for the skin and makes the water taste better. I am thinking of adding fruit to my water instead. Perhaps strawberries or blueberries. I have heard of adding strawberries, cucumber, and lemon to water. Not sure how that would taste, but it seems rather fun to add new things. 


3. Sourdough Bread

I have been wanting to make sourdough bread since about last fall. It was such a huge trend everywhere and I have been desperate to try. Sadly, I am just way too busy to do it, but during the summer I have much more free time to stay home and try baking. 

I am super excited to try it! I am going to get some sourdough starter from one of my friends, someone gifted at baking, and will try it on my own. Hopefully, it works! :D


4. Salad Recipes!

Salads in the winter don't seem to fit together. But during the summer I find it the best time to enjoy a salad. People have this negative stereotype towards salads, and I am not sure why. Yes, I understand how delicious pizza is, but salads can be quite delicious too. I love a crunchy salad with all sorts of greens, veggies, and dressing. 

I mostly make my own, because most restaurants suck at making them. So, whatever veggie/fruit I find in my refrigerator I throw into the salad. They turn out way better than I imaginel. 

A trick is to add salt, pepper, olive oil, and a bit of vinegar. It changes the whole flavor game!


5. Have Some Ice cream 

Since I heard Dairy Queen was bringing back the dipped cherry-flavored ice cream cone, I have been wanting ice cream. Of course, ice cream is made for the summer. They cannot seem to live without each other. So, it is our duty to go out into the summer and enjoy some delicious ice cream. 

Even if Mcdonalds keeps saying the machine is broken. :D 



Well, since we get the most sunlight during the summer it is only right to go out and enjoy it. So, here are some things I am hoping to do this summer with all that extra time I have from not being on my phone so often. 

1. Picnic at Park

Well, technically it can be any park, but when you go to a zoo and don't want to purchase the insanely-priced food inside. Well, a picnic is perfect! I love the idea of sitting on a blanket on the grass and enjoying a good Torta. Delicious food and a beautiful view of the trees. 


2. Hike

This one is out of my comfort zone. For some odd reason, my family has this idea that doing anything outdoors is truly just wrong. Well, outdoors and in nature. I love the idea, but of course in moderation. I have never been camping before, and unless a person comes along who adores it and insists on it, then perhaps. But at the moment that is not happening. 

Hiking seems more doable. There are various trails here in ABQ, that are truly beautiful, or so I have heard. And of course, there is Jemez which is only an hour away. So, we'll see what I do. But I am hoping to get a hike in this summer.


3. Road Trip Around Your City

I enjoy short road trips. Anything more than 5 hours, and I am willing to buy plane tickets. So, a road trip around your city or any smaller cities nearby would be perfect for my criteria. Just exploring my own city as a tourist is fun for me, so why not drive around it too? 

I know there is a street in ABQ that when you drive at a certain speed, will play a song. How cute is that!


4. Fireworks/Stargazing

Every year we try to go out and see fireworks on the 4th of July, as every true American does. But, star gazing has been on my bucket list forever. I want to do that one this year. I am willing even to be a bit uncomfortable to see them. Being a city girl, you really don't see many stars, so why not drive a bit away and gaze upon the stars?


5. Farmer's Market

Lastly, farmer's market! I did miss these markets during winter. Super excited they are mostly back from what I can tell. I usually go early on Saturday mornings with friends or even myself if I wish. You just cannot beat locally grown veggies and fruit. Delicious and helps out small businesses. 

Can't wait to go!



Well, even though summer is almost here and the high temperatures along with it. I am still going to look forward to and romanticize summer this year. I think I am one of the few people who doesn't look forward to summer as much as others do, but there are always some small joys to enjoy each season. 

Let me know how you will romanticize summer this year!

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