Slow Sunday Reset

Slow Sunday Reset

I always have mixed feelings about weekends. It's the weekend, I know I should probably relax, kick back, and maybe hang out with a friend or two, oh and don't forget church. Butttttt there is also this part of my brain that is always thinking about things that need to get done. Dishes, laundry, a book I want to read, perhaps I should answer some emails, oh and better start planning for the upcoming birthday that just needs to be perfect and is also 2 months away. 

Seriously my brain :/ I need to shut it up sometimes, but I have learned to navigate the weekend, or at least Sundays. Sundays are now not a complete mess, but more of a somewhat orderly day, where I can be productive and relax all in one moment. 

I'll give you a step-by-step on what I do on this lovely day, and maybe it will help you figure out Sundays too!

Sunday Reset Overview

First, I break up my Sundays into 6 sections. 

1. Church  9:00-12:00 

2. Productivity 12:00-1:30

3. Relax and Self Care 1:30-3:00

4. Productivity 3:00-5:00

5. Church 5:00-7:00

6. Self Care and Whatever I feel like doing. 7:00-11:00 (I fall asleep around 11)

This is literally how my Sunday looks. I have to have some breaks amid the productivity and church because that can be a bit overwhelming for me. Granted I will say, the times are not exact. Sometimes I relax more than be productive, but usually all of the things that need to be done get done. 

List of Things To Get Your Life Together

1. Church

Seriously the best part of my Sundays, for one I get to dress up when I normally don't that much. But it’s actually a great place to be. You are surrounded by people who have the same beliefs as you, and you get to honor, glorify, and learn about God. It is spiritually fulfilling and in the end, you understand that you are not all alone with your problems. 

I definitely recommend attending church, even if you haven't gone in a while. People in the church are mostly inviting, friendly, and happy to see you there. At least that is how we are at my church.   

 2. Planning

I tend to over-plan. I feel so much better when I know what is going to happen and when, but I try to not plan things with a super strict timetable. I have learned I wouldn't be able to keep up with it, and projects take longer than I anticipated.

So, I have a flexible timetable. A 3-goal minimum a day. And a living To-Do list, where I just plan the beginning of the week, and on Wednesday I plan the rest of the week so I don't get bored of the list. 

Here's what I plan for the week!

  • Plan Beginning of Week
  • Plan Meals
  • Meal Prep
  • Journal
  • Plan Workouts

    Some of these I have not perfected, I will tell you that much. Meal plans for sure sometimes go out the window, but I do try to prep as much as I can on Sunday, so I don't have to cook every day. Which can be difficult when your schedule is as crazy as mine. 

    3. Cleaning

    I do not clean that much on Sunday. It's pretty basic stuff that I know I won't do on the weekdays. Or things that actually bug me during the week that didn't get done. If I do it right and have a good playlist playing, then I can get all of this done in 2 hours. Maybe the sheets will take a bit longer, but still about the same amount. 

    Here's My Minimal Cleaning List for Sundays!

    • Wash Sheets 
    • Wash Dishes 
    • Wash Brushes 
    • Dust 
    • Sweep/Mop Kitchen 
    • Put everything back in its place

    Simple, easy, and overall bugs me if I don't do this. Go ahead and add or remove something that doesn't work for you!

    4. Self Care

    Some kind of self-care is required every Sunday. Of course, not all of these things have to be done, but they are usually my goal. Funny enough staying off social media can mix with relaxing. I do tend to scroll once in a while (or too much that I'm embarrassed to say!). But no matter, I am trying to provide some self-care for myself.

     These are my chosen few to get done!

    • Take an Everything Shower 
    • Stay off Social Media
    •  Face Mask/Hair Mask 
    • Paint Nails
    • Skin Care Routine

    I would say the hair mask cannot always be done, and actually, lately, I have been neglecting to do it. But everything else I'll say I get done. 

    5. Relaxing

    Indulging in the little things in life. Here is where I do the things I really look forward to doing. If you notice I don't put napping in here. Well, it's because if I nap in the middle of the day, I struggle to fall asleep at night. So, I avoid it altogether. But if I am watching a movie, then it's possible I may nap. 

    I don't do all of these every Sunday, but I end up choosing from these options when I want to relax. 

    Indulging in Relaxation! 

    • Read a Book 
    • Drink Your Favorite Beverage 
    • Open Windows 
    • Eat a Delicious Snack 
    • Watch a Movie

    My favorite is the snack, I just don't mind eating anything that is bad for me at this moment. However, I have a feeling I reach for fruit with Tajin more than often. :D 


    Sundays are one of my favorite days! It's a perfect mixture of all of the fun things of life, okay maybe not that much, but hey I am a girl who loves a good plan, clean home, read books, and go to church! I hope this post helped you have a great Sunday! And let me know what you do to reset on Sunday.


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