Solo Date Ideas (Even if You're in a Relationship)

Solo Date Ideas (Even if You're in a Relationship)

I am a big believer in the solo date idea. Every girl needs to go on some of these, yes even if you are in a relationship and you want to spend all of your time with them. These are written for the specific purpose to spend some time on your own and to be able to learn about yourself and be with yourself.

Plus, these are also great to take when you aren't in a relationship and you feel like you need a date, especially since it’s Valentine’s Day soon. Take yourself and enjoy your life, you really do not need to wait for a guy to go with you on one of these. 

Here we go, 14 Solo date ideas to take yourself on!

1. Coffee Date

Coffee Shop

We are going to start slowly. Nothing too crazy that you will feel competently weird going by yourself. People do this all the time, and I do this at least once a week. I go to any local Starbucks or cute coffee shop, buy a delicious warm beverage, and spend a few hours there writing, reading, and pondering life. Sometimes, I do some work, but the date version is where you go to do some self-reflection!

I promise no one will look at you weirdly if you go in alone. Everyone is in their little world and will not notice you sitting alone. It helps to go with a specific purpose. "I'm going to go and finish this book!" or perhaps "I'm going to write out the prompts to see how January went." All of these reasons are great reasons to go to a coffee shop. Yes, you can do it at home, but what better than going out and spending some time out there in the real world? 

2. Dinner/Lunch Date

Woman eating dinner

Now, we are getting slightly more daunting. Even for me, this can be a bit hard, but it's not as bad as you think. Well, I'm still trying to get used to it. Dinner can be slightly awkward, but lunch is much easier to do alone. I like people-watching, so I go to a large restaurant and watch people go on their merry way, but most of the time, I tend to just read or work on something.

I was forced into this because I needed to eat lunch and had no one to eat with. Plus, I didn't want to go to the office. So, I found this adorable restaurant that is like a cafe, and they have this tall table in the corner, and it’s easy to people-watch, read a book, or scroll my phone, and no one cares that I'm there. It's nice to be able to go out to a cute restaurant and not have to rely on people going with you.

3. New Class Date


This one can be fun and perfect if you want to meet new people! I suggest a physical activity so that you move your body and all your nerves get out with a workout or something of the sort. Some ideas are boxing, pilates, biking, running with a group, photography, and anything your heart desires. 

Don't hold yourself back from trying something new and waiting for someone else to be available. Granted, if you want to take a friend by all means go for it. My point is to try it on your own and it will be your thing, and I guarantee you wouldn't want it any other way. 

4. Park Date

woman at park

I love the park! When people are all around you playing soccer or basketball, kiddos just screaming their little heads off because of how fun the slide is,  and you are under a tree enjoying the fresh air. 

I tend to hang out at the park after a run or walk, but of course, you can always take something with you. Headphones and your phone blasting music, a journal, a book, a mini painting set, or whatever floats your boat. Please! Make sure you are safe. Always carry pepper spray or something of the sort for protection. 

5. Bookstore Date


Perhaps my all-time favorite bookstore date! We can all use a new book, and what better way to go on a solo date than going to your local Barnes and Noble or bookstore and finding your next favorite book? Like coffee shops, I look for new bookstores to explore in the city. There is way more than you realize, I promise. 

Like always, you can go with a goal in mind. Scroll on Pinterest and find the next book you want to buy. But the fun truly begins when you roam the bookstore and find some hidden gems. Those books are usually the best.

6. Shopping Date

Girl holding shopping bags

Just like book shopping, a regular shopping date is always a great one to go on. You're moving around with no one questioning why you are alone. Of course, most people don't care, but just in case you need reassurance. Go to the mall, grab a bunch of adorable shoes and clothes, and try it on. 

Of course, if you're like me, a broke or budget girly. Then you can go window shopping and find your unique style. See which colors suit you best, and what types of clothes are great for your figure. Doing this just makes you feel good. I don't know what it is, but when I try heels on. I feel an endorphin rush. 

7. Church Date


We all need God in some way, so why not try going to a local church and see if you enjoy being there? Most people in church are kind and welcoming, so I don't believe it will be a horrible experience. Funny enough, if you're nervous, go to a larger church. It's much harder for anyone to notice you've never been there. You'll learn something new, meet good people, and maybe enjoy the music. 

Church is a big part of my life, so I just enjoy going for the sake of being closer to God, learning about Him, and growing in my understanding of Him. But if it's your first time, you might enjoy it. 

8. Farmer's Market Date

Farmers Market

I have not done this alone because someone is always available to come with me. :) But I would go alone because it's like shopping alone, but people are much nicer at a farmer's market. I recall I got flowers for free because the vendor just wanted to be nice and finish selling all of her flowers. They were some of the prettiest flowers I have ever purchased. 

Take yourself out on a warm Saturday morning, maybe wait until spring, and walk along one of these farmer's markets. Buy some fruit and veggies, and sample everything they offer. It's such a nice way to socialize but simpler than walking up to people at a party or something.

9. Zoo, Aquarium, or Botanical Gardens Date

Woman in between plants

Spring is so close, and I can only imagine how beautiful the flowers will be at the Biopark! The zoo, aquarium, and botanical garden are great places to go alone because you won't feel rushed to go through everything quickly. When I was in school, we would rush through every animal and not enjoy the moment with these creatures and flowers (Not the bugarium! That place is terrifying). Take your time, walk around the whole park, and see what you may have missed when you were younger. I will admit taking a kid with you is a big plus because they are so excited to see something new. They are marveling at everything, but take yourself too. 

Plus, with all the kids running around and yelling, I am sure no one would notice you alone in one of these places. Everyone is likely worrying if their child is climbing up the fence to pet a lion. 

10. Museum Date


Since it is still cold out, this one might be better for February. Visiting a museum by yourself, not a tour, can be fun and calming all at once. I love going to art galleries or the Natural History Museum. They can be so quiet, and you can lose yourself in the art piece or the fascination of the large animals that used to roam the earth. 

No one will question you going alone if that is what you are worried about. Sometimes it's fun to pretend like you're interested in a piece. I obviously cannot buy a $10,000 piece of art, but I can learn from the person trying to sell it to me. 

11. Walk Downtown Date

woman holding umbrella walking down a street

In my city, we have a downtown, an old town, and an uptown to visit. They are all great places to walk down and discover new stores, restaurants, and coffee shops. Take an afternoon and explore your cities downtown. Granted, I know some of them can be sketchy, like our downtown, so just make sure you are safe. 

12. Historical Site Date

In Albuquerque, we have many historical sites and natural reserves. They are great to go there for an afternoon and walk around and see the animals, or in our case, an example would be the Petroglyphs. It's a calming place to visit, but to go there on a mini date with yourself to take in fresh air as well as learn something new. It’s a win-win. 

13. Drive Date

Woman driving

This one is the one I go on the most. I love driving! I know! It's mostly a guy thing, but some girls like driving and singing along to the music and having a bit of fun driving around my city. I have discovered some of the best coffee shops this way. Google sadly does not tell us all of the coffee shops in our city. 

Also, I go on a driving date when I need to think something through, and writing is not working. I drive down the freeway or a street with no lights and ponder my issue until it's pretty much resolved. I eventually get to the root of the problem when I let myself think without any distractions around me. 

14. New Adventure Date

Woman on boat

The sky is the limit date! There are some other ideas out there that I was not able to dream up, so this is where I will encourage you to go and do the thing you've been wanting to do but haven't found anyone to go with. Go skydiving, whale watching, whatever is unique to your city, and have some fun! And tell us all about it!


This month can be hard on people who are still searching for their other half (Me included). We can always make the most of it and take ourselves on dates and learn about ourselves in the process. Or feel free to bring a friend to any of these dates. I'm sure they'll enjoy going with you. I will say. You should go by yourself a few times. So you can take time to be with yourself and grow. 

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