Spring Reads! Books that Scream Spring

Spring Reads! Books that Scream Spring

I love that every season has a certain vibe to it. Fall is a great time to read spooky or mystery novels or even fantasy, and in summer you know you want to pick up those romance books or a travel book. Spring is the time for period books or regency romance books, self-growth, and some traveling. I don't know if it's that Bridgerton is coming out in May or what, but I have been loving these books now that spring is pretty much here. Granted we could read the Bridgerton books, but I have to admit I don't want to spoil the show. I'll probably read them after every Bridgerton is in love! :D

I wanted to share the books that I would love to read in the spring, granted am I going to be able to read them all? No. But one can be hopeful!

Come and read with me some of these great books!

Spring Reading List!

1. Mansfield Park by Jane Austen

Starting with the Queen of Regency romance, Jane Austen. I am in love with her books and it sucks that this is the last one of her books that I haven't read. 

According to Good Reads, this book follows Fanny Price, who was taken from her parents and raised by her rich cousins in Mansfield Park where she is completely aware of how poor she truly is. She relies on her only friend/cousin Edmund for support. When the Crawfords come from London, they are flirtatious and a bit too reckless for Fanny’s taste. 

Not one of Jane Austen's most loved books like Pride and Prejudice, but I have a feeling it holds its own in her repertoire of books. I am curious to see how it truly plays out. 

2. Garden Books 

I feel like garden books are best read just before full-fledged spring hits. You can gather your supplies and jump in full stride when the time is right. I am not a woman with a green thumb, but I do believe I can nurture it. Hopefully, these books will help me out!

  • The Backyard Garden; A Beginner's Guide to Self-Sufficient Mini Farming by Pricilla Stevens

Overall sounds like a very confident book that will teach me how to grow my produce in my backyard in just 12 months. Seems a bit crazy, but why not? I know I won't be able to start this year, but perhaps just picking it up and learning all about gardening will encourage me enough to do it. :) 


  • Planting for Garden Birds by Jane Moore

This book just makes me smile at the idea of being able to attract more birds into my life. I love birds! They are beautiful and sing in the loveliest manner. So, this one may be the most interesting to me in all actuality. I do like that it is written for amateurs, such as myself, and it comes as a series as well.


3. Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life by Hector Garcia


I have heard so much buzz around this book, and I feel spring is the perfect time to open it up and see what it's all about. The book is about how the people of Okinawa, Japan, believe everyone has an ikigai or a purpose for living. This is the way to live a happy and fulfilled life! The books give the tools on how to live every day to its fullest, nurture your relationships, and grow within your passions. 

Overall, sounds exactly like my type of book. 

4. The Courage to be Disliked by Ichiro Kishimi and Fumitake Koga

 I feel like I need to read this one! It’s not like it stops me, the idea that people may dislike me, but it does make me hesitate and second-guess myself in everything. This makes sense with some big things that require much thought, but for something as simple as going to a new coffee shop, I shouldn’t second guess that.

The Courage to be Disliked, according to Good Reads is it’s, “The Japanese phenomenon that teaches us the simple yet profound lessons required to liberate our real selves and find lasting happiness.” That’s a pretty big promise, but though I don’t believe it will completely happen, I think it will benefit us greatly. 

5. The Little Village of Book Lover by Nina George

Who doesn't want to go to Paris in the spring? I would love to, but I am pretty sure it is a bit expensive. So I am going to satisfy that desire to travel with this book instead. The cover screams spring and apparently, it's a romance as well. 

In 1960 Paris, we find a young girl who can see some imprints of love left on people. She begins matching people all over Paris. As she gets older, she helps her foster father open a mobile library that travels over the little towns of Nyons. Everywhere she goes she brings lovers together, somehow always attached to a book as well, and yet she hasn't been able to find her soul mate. Would she even recognize them when they come around? 

This book just sounds super cute and an easy read for the springtime!  

6. The Paris Key by Juliet Blackwell

If it's not obvious, I want to go to Paris. My next book again is in Paris, where a teenager, Genevieve Martin, spent her most beloved summers with her uncle learning his locksmith trade. Back in the States, she becomes an adult who is living life as a passenger. Amid a divorce, she gets an opportunity to return to the City of Lights to run her uncle's business. Enjoying the new environment, she unlocks some family secrets which can make or break her. 

It sounds like a cute book, and I am noticing a theme here, a women who go to Paris after a divorce. I think I’ve read three books such as that. I do hope it is a bit of a different story, but sounds like a fun simple read. 

7. Skin Deep by Bee Shapiro

I don't normally recommend these types of books, because I am never sure if it brings much value. I will probably only read portions of this book, but maybe there is a good skin care tip on these pages.  

The book focuses on interviews with celebrities and how they take care of their skin, exercise, and a bunch of other things. If celebrities aren't your thing, I understand, they are not my cup of tea either. But like I said, learning their skincare routine can be interesting, though it is a possibility that I cannot afford many of the products they promote. 

Is it just me or maybe this book will look great as one of those stackable books on a coffee table?

8. Deep Nutrition by Catherine Shanahan M.D.

 I am always striving to be healthier, though it's amazing how much I don't hit the mark at all. :/ Either way, I love learning about food. I swear if I didn't like writing and teaching so much, I would have become a nutritionist. 

“Deep Nutrition illustrates how our ancestors used nourishment to sculpt their anatomy, engineering bodies of extraordinary health and beauty.” according to Good Reads. She teaches about all of the healthy diets from world history, from Ancient Egypt to the Japanese. From these diets, Shanahan matches what they all have in common and makes the Four Pillars of World Cuisine.

Sounds like a fun way to learn about how the world eats as well as learning about how they stay healthy. 

9. The Book Charmer by Karen Hawkins

find this book to be a bit of fantasy mixed with real life. We follow Sarah Dove, a librarian who can place books in the hands of the right reader. The books whisper to her who they are looking for and what the person needs, and lately, the books have been talking about a new person who can save the small town of Dove Pond. This person is Grace Wheeler. 

Grace is from a large city and wants little to nothing to do with Dove Pond and even less with Sarah. But perhaps a wise book will help persuade her to stay and help them all. 

It sounds like a cute story. I love any story surrounding books, so I am sure I am going to like this one. I know these books can be sort of cheesy and cliche at times, but they can be fun once in a while. 

10. Confessions of a Domestic Failure by Ashley Keller

I have heard that this book is super funny and worth a read! I might even buy it for a few moms I know, just so they can have a great laugh as well. 

According to Good Reads, this book is about a mom, Ashely Keller, who goes from being a career woman to a stay-at-home mom who is finding her way through the picture-perfect moms of Instagram and the super clean homes of Pinterest but is failing miserably.

She jumps on the opportunity to join a Motherhood Better boot camp hosted by the mommy-blog maven she loves and hopes she can become the perfect mom of all. 

Super fun and quirky, how can we not love a story about a mom trying to do it all? I'm not a mom yet, but I am looking forward to learning a thing or two from this book.

11. Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

Though I do not believe everything that Elizabeth Gilbert believes, I will admit I did enjoy reading this book. This is the only book I have read on this list, and I want to reread it for the spring. The cover itself is perfect for spring and I do have this idea that the books should match the vibes of the season I am in. Granted that does not always happen, but I digress. 

In this lovely non-fiction book, Gilbert shows us the curious way that ideas come and go from our lives and how we must embrace and tackle the ones we love the most and bring them to life. She gives us habits we should follow and attitudes to keep to be able to face our fears and live our most creative lives. 

I love this book, and I think I need a refresher on how to live a creative life.

12. A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas

I am currently reading this one, and the cashier from Barnes and Noble told me she wishes she could read this book for the first time again. That sold me on it. I wasn't sure about it because I have noticed some fantasy books seem to be similar in many ways, and I needed to step away for a bit. This is my first one back and I am hoping for the best. However, she did also say that I need to give it a chance because it is a slow build. 

Feyre, a nineteen-year-old girl whose name I really cannot pronounce, kills a wolf in the woods, and then an extremely terrifying beast comes and asks for punishment. The beast drags her to an unknown land that she only heard of in myths, where she now lives with the beast who is not only a beast but an immortal faeries named Tamlin who used to rule humans as well. 

As she learns her way around his home, she discovers the true nature of Tamlin. Her hatred turns to passion towards him and the world she was lied about. Now, she must try to save it from a creeping secret that grows to take over the Fae world. 

So far, it is good! I am hoping it builds up a bit more soon, but we'll see. I love that it is set in a spring world, which is perfect for this season. 


I have my doubts about being able to read all of these books, but I am looking forward to reading them. I don't rush through books that I am enjoying, but if I do love the book. I can't get enough and I read it quickly no matter what I have to put on hold. 

I hope you found a book you may want to add to your spring reading list, we still have a few months, and I think we can always add a few books to our growing list. 

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