Winter Habits To Survive Winter

Winter Habits To Survive Winter

We are all in the middle of winter, freezing our butts off trying to stay warm. Some, like my brother, hate winter and are counting down the days until the first day of spring. I, on the other hand, enjoy winter. I love the comfy clothes I wear (Hello! Sweater Weather) and the coziness I feel when I nestle up next to a fire or read a good book under my bundle of blankets. However, I admit there are a few things I need to do to get through these freezing months.

I do many things to get through this weather, but I will share the mini habits I keep to improve my winter and a healthy-ish lifestyle overall. 

I hope these serve you well, and please share below some of the winter habits you use to get through these cold days. 

1. Carry Lotion Everywhere

Putting lotion on hands

My skin tends to be dry during the monsoon, and it's ten times worse during winter. I need to put lotion on my hands ten times a day. So, the only way to keep the dry feeling away when I am all over the place every day is to carry a mini bottle of lotion in my purse. I just buy a travel baby lotion bottle and refill it with my bottle at home. 

It is so convenient to have that with me. Funny enough, I always end up sharing it with the people around me. My friends and family feel the same way and rely on my mini bottle of lotion. Try buying a bottle, and I guarantee your hands will feel all the better for it.  

2. Drink Warm Water

Lemon water

This one seems a bit weird to me, but I have noticed some of my friends drank water, and it was steaming! It was a total shock to me because I drink ice-cold water, but apparently, it's healthier for you to drink warm water, especially in the morning. 

As always, I tried to add this mini habit to my life when I learned this new tip, and now I have to admit I much prefer the warmer water. In the cold winters, it helps so much to drink more water during the day. I noticed I avoided drinking water because I would drink it ice-cold, and now I reach for my bottle of water more than I did any other winter. 

Give it a shot, and just maybe you'll enjoy it. 

3. Open Windows

Open windows

My family thinks I am crazy when I do this when it's 20 degrees outside, but I still do it. I open my windows whenever I am home for a long time. I love fresh air; I crave it. So, in the middle of winter, I will open my windows. 

Of course, I only open them for a few minutes, but the fresh air is invigorating even when it is so cold. Plus, it feels like it cleans the air around us as well. I recall hearing, though I am not sure if it's true, that we tend to get sick much more during the winter months because we don't have as much airflow as we do in the summer when we open our windows more to let in the air. With airflow from the open windows, the airborne germs get whisked away, but with the windows shut, we get to breathe them all in. 

Maybe it's true, but I love opening my windows and breathing in the ice-cold air.  

4. Have Fun with Tea

Tea cup and flowers 

I am a coffee and tea drinker. I don't prefer one or the other, but this winter, I notice I reach for a cup of tea more and more. Maybe because I feel like it’s "healthier". I’m not even sure if that's true, but I love tea. Thankfully, an adorable tea shop has opened near my office, and I go as much as I can to switch out the teas I want to try. 

My favorite tea this season is Butterfly Garden, which helps with immunity and other fun stuff. I love that it turns blue, and if I add a fresh squeeze of lemon, it turns pink! Having fun with my warm drinks brings me just a bit of joy and warmth during the winter. 

5. Buy Flowers

Bouquet of flowers

I don't know where they get their flowers, but thank you flower shops and Trader Joe's for having the prettiest bouquets even during the winter. I still need some plant life in my home, and when one doesn't have a green thumb like me, you find another solution.  

I try to buy a fresh bouquet every two weeks. They make me so happy and bring a fresh scent and brightness to my home when outside is taking a break from growing anything. 

6. Apply Sunscreen 

Sun screen on hand

I’m not sure how devoted people are to applying sunscreen on their faces, but I learned from a young age that it is necessary to do it. No matter what, is it raining outside? Wear sunscreen. Is it super cloudy? Wear sunscreen. Wearing makeup? Wear sunscreen. Granted, I never wear makeup, but you get my point. Sunscreen is important!

So, even in the winter, I put sunscreen on before leaving home, then try to remember to reapply it throughout the day. Unless it's already nighttime when I head outside, I reapply. Sunscreen lasts about 2-3 hours, so I try to reapply before the 2 hours are up. I try to keep up with it, yet there are days like today that I forget to reapply. But that is one habit I hold on to throughout the whole winter. 

7. Sleep More

Women in bed

Winter is the time for nature to rest and recuperate the energy spent during the year. Therefore, we should do the same. Nature gave us time to rest and take things a bit more slowly than we would when we had all of our energy in the summer.

I do this by sleeping in more days than I would from spring to the end of summer. I can do this because my job doesn't require me to be anywhere at a specific time. If you have a regular job, you can nap when you’re home after work or fall asleep earlier at night. I noticed during Christmas and New Year’s that I took that break to sleep way more than I ever thought I needed. A great habit to implement!

8. Read More 

Woman in bath reading a book

Since we’re spending more time indoors, it’s a great time to pick up a new book. I tend to read much more during the winter season than the others because I feel so cozy sitting on my couch covered with a blanket and getting lost in another Jane Austen book. 

Well, it doesn't have to be a fiction book, but maybe there is something you want to learn. It’s a perfect time to pick up that new book on finances or crochet. The skies are the limit when it comes to books. 

I am reading Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen and Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook by Gary Vaynerchuck. Both are amazing books; I will always highly suggest any Jane Austen book. 

Here are some suggestions if you want to read more this winter. 

Fun Books To Get Back Into Reading:

  • The Martian, The Lightning Thief, To All The Boys, Big Magic, The Fifth Season

9. Stretch 

Woman stretching

If there is ever a habit I can never keep, it's this one. I love stretching and know it is so good for you, especially in the winter, since one doesn't typically go outside and do things. Alas, I forget to do it. It slips my mind even after I workout, which is when I want to add the habit, but I end up just being so exhausted from the workout that I forget to wind down with stretching. 

Hopefully this is the year I can add it! I hope you all can keep up with it better than I do. 

10. 5 Minute Dump Journal

Journal with tea

I struggle once in a while to fall asleep. Mostly because I tend to scroll on my phone before bed. I did notice my brain going haywire during the night. It makes sense because I am usually distracted by something, whether it's music playing or a TV show in the background. My mind is never quiet or still at any moment in the day, so when I am ready to sleep. My mind lights up like a disco, and all the worries and ideas come flooding, not letting me fall asleep.  

So, I decided to start a new habit. Journal before bed! Revolutionizing since many other people have done it already (It’s amazing how many people do this). But it does help me. I set a timer on my phone for five to seven minutes and began to write. The trick is that I don’t edit anything. I write what comes out of my mind. If I misspell a word or write a sentence that makes no sense, it doesn’t matter. I keep going. The point is to get all the crazy thoughts on paper and out of my mind, or at least the most prominent ones. 

I would suggest the timer because if I didn’t use it, I would keep going and not do anything else. Plus, it also makes the argument for me with my mind that it’s only five minutes. I can give up five minutes of my night.

Try it out and see if it works for you; it’s an easy habit to try out during the lazy winter. 

11. Hiding Veggies 

Bowl of soup

To me, veggies are fresh and should be eaten in a salad, which I do even during the winter. But every day? We're supposed to eat them every day! There is no way I can have a salad every day of my life! So, I have learned the art of hiding vegetables in all the food I cook. Especially soups for the winter! They are so yummy and filling when you add them to soup. 

Also, to get the creamy thickness like the picture above, I boil the veggies and then blend them! Who knew this was a thing? I had no idea that was a thing until the beginning of this winter. Now my family is getting sick of these hearty veggie soups. I like adding potatoes and chicken to make it more yummy. 

Adding veggies to many of my soups is an easier way for me to eat vegetables every day during the winter. So far, I have been able to eat them in at least one meal a day, which is my goal for this month. 

Final Thoughts

Winter can be hard, even if you enjoy the snow and the frigid air. So, this list is some of the simple mini-habits I do to keep myself going and somewhat healthy during the winter season. Of course, if they don’t work there are always the comfy clothes we can all look forward to. 

If you need comfy clothes, I have just the things for you! Click the photo to purchase!

sweatshirt with porcupines on it


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